Prix : 139,00 EUR
350W RMS / 700W MAX 2x2 ohm impedans VAS: 122.2L Qts: 0.39 Fs: 29.0Hz Re: 4 Ohm SPL: 89.7 dB

DC Audio Level2 15m2

Prix : 349,00 EUR
DC Audio Level2 15m2 Subwoofer 38cm 600w RMS Impédance: D2, D4


Prix : 369,00 EUR
1000W RMS / 2000W Max Impédance 2x1 ohm Design classique GAS VAS: 111.5L Qts: 0.31 Fs: 25.7Hz Re: 2 Ohm SPL: 89.4 dB

DC Audio Level3 15m2.1

Prix : 459,00 EUR
DC Audio Level3 15m2.1 Subwoofer 38cm 900w RMS Impédance: D1, D2, D4

DC Audio Level4 15m2.1

Prix : 569,00 EUR
DC Audio Level4 15m2.1 Subwoofer 38cm 1400w RMS Impédance: D1, D2

GAS Competition 15D1

Prix : 639,00 EUR
1500W RMS/3000W MAX 2x1 ohm impedance VAS: 50.1L Qts: 0.21 Fs: 30.9Hz Re: 2 Ohm SPL: 90.2 dB

Droppin HZ Hotel 15

Prix : 659,00 EUR
1500 watts RMS 3 "4 couches plat enroulé bobine VENTED made in USA 2 10 "Spiders Spaced Stiff Robuste Cone en papier préssé Large suspension HIGH EXCURSION couche multi mousse Surround Triple moteur 190mm x .75 slug Membrane Cousu avec bornier a poussoir Double 4, 2 et 1 ohm disponible

DC Audio XL15 m2.1

Prix : 769,00 EUR
DC Audio XL15 m2.1 Subwoofer 38cm 2200w RMS Impédance: D0.7, D1, D1.4, D2

DC Audio Level5 15m4

Prix : 1349,00 EUR
DC Audio Level5 15m4 Subwoofer 38cm 3500w RMS Impédance: D0.7, D1, D1.4, D2

DC Audio Level6 15m4

Prix : 1449,00 EUR
DC Audio Level6 15m4 Subwoofer 38cm 4500w RMS Impédance: D0.7, D1, D1.4, D2


Prix : 389,00 EUR
Really brutal 15" woofer with stiff fiberglass cone that is both glued and stitched. Dual 3" voice coils, where one can choose between 2ohm or 4ohm each. Power handling capacity of 2800W max and 1400W RMS. Sensitivity: 92dB. Frequency Response 30Hz-400Hz. Mounting Depth: 222mm. Mounting Hole: 356mm. Qts 0.669. FS 32Hz Vas 52.81L Xmax 17mm


Prix : 729,00 EUR
Powerful 15 "subwoofer in the notorious GPXXL series that leaves no one disappointed. Dual 4-inch voice coils at 2 ohm each makes it possible to adjust the load for the rest of your system and ensure that you can provide the woofer with as much power as only possible. Power handling capacity of 6500W max and 2500W RMS. Mounting Depth: 228mm. Mounting hole: 355mm. Qts 0,419. VAS 42,48L. Fs 36,97Hz. Xmax21mm.